Other examples of relationship testing available:

  1. Grandparents – You can establish the likelihood of one or more of the grandparents being the true biological grandparent of a grandchild. This is useful in the case of a deceased father and one or both of his parents are still alive.
  2. Uncles and aunts – You can establish the likelihood of a niece or nephew being related to an uncle or aunt. This is also useful when only a brother or sister of a deceased father is available.
  3. Y chromosome testing – The Y chromosome is only present in males so when a male child is involved (and the alleged father is unavailable/deceased), it is possible to establish the likelihood of a male being directly related to an uncle, brother, male grandparent etc by analyzing the Y chromosome of the parties.

There are many relationships that can be addressed using DNA profiling. It is best to discuss this with the mi-LabTest staff for clarification and pricing.

Our price for a standard DNA relationship paternity test is R2900. Typically we would require a sample from the mother, alleged father and child (there is an extra cost per extra child tested). It is always best to take a sample from the mother even though it is possible to do a motherless paternity. This improves the statistics of the paternity calculation, it also avoids a lot of doubt and uncertainty when both parents (alleged parents) are present when the samples are taken.