Women Health

Human Papiloma virus (HPV)

This is an important test that all women should consider having because it tests for the presence of the virus that is responsible for cervical cancer. Many people with HPV don’t develop any symptoms but can still infect others through sexual contact. At later stages, symptoms may include warts on the genitals or surrounding skin.

There are two test options:

  1. Our nurse can take a cervical sample from the women;
  2. Women can order a self collection kit to take their own sample in the comfort and privacy of their own home. The self collection kit is available at the mi-LabTest depot or it can be sent to you. The sample is then returned to the laboratory and you will receive the result within a day or two later.


The results will inform you if the human papiloma virus was detected, if so, whether it was one of the high risk strains and guides your doctor on further investigation and frequency of screening.


Early detection = best prevention